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Disaster Strikes

So, a quiet week planned whilst himself is off skiing.

It has gone wrong.

Had an interesting dinner out in The City with den on Monday, full of non-stop chatter and laughter, and pretty good food too. I think I may have converted him to the many joys of Espresso Martinis as well! In all the years I've known him, we've never been out together alone, and I have to say, he was great company. Came home, opened some wine and sat doing reports til 1.30am.

Last night went wrong too. Debbie came over with Kayleigh, ostensibly for a chat, with a lot of wine and 2 large pizzas, to add to the tapas I'd already cooked up. Kayleigh sensibly went home, Debbie didn't, we necked quite a lot of wine, put the world to rights and took some naughty selfies. Lord knows why I persist in doing this on work nights, but what the hell, it's bloody good fun!

I'm already tired. Tonight will be a no-vino-early-to-bedski night. It absolutely WILL. After I've been shopping ;)

Thursday, I was unexpectedly given a pair of free tickets to an exclusive screening of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ plus Q&A with director Gareth Edwards, at a top secret location in central London. Dawnie was very much up for that, and I'm sure we'll end up dining and drinking. Cuz we always do.

I am very mindful of the fact that I need to get up at 4.30am on Saturday morning to go to Warsaw. Bearing that very firmly in mind, any further excursions this week will have to be firmly declined. She said ...............


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