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Bitten on the Arse

By the Good Karma Fairy!

Yesterday was International Women's Day. I decided to show by appreciation to a female friend by giving her flowers in celebration of IWD and just friendship in general. I also donated some dosh to a charity that helps women. Because I am lucky enough to have an education and a roof over my head, as well as have enough spare pennies to be able to donate some. And I am grateful after the fact.

And then I got a random text (didn't know the number) from somebody saying they were in town, and did I fancy a Vietnamese? After ascertaining it was Donna, and laughing because I was already en-route to meet Dawnie for a planned Vietnamese, we all me up at Le Hanoi in Soho. Loved the food, I finished every last drop of my spicy chicken bun bo hue and my pork spring roll starter. And well, Donna! What a lovely surprise! She was in a gallery up the road, jumped in a cab, et voila!She's looking amazingly well, lost weight, more mobile, and really enjoying life. Anyway, so delighted to see her, I decided dinner was on me.

And then D and myself went off to the O35's. Meaning only to stay for ONE drink, but ended up staying, and just, literally just catching the last train home, slightly the worse for wear at that stage.

So an expensive day for me. But worth it I think.

And then the bite...............somebody I did a very minor favour for has given me £200 worth of cigarettes, so in the end, after a day of generosity, I'm actually better off.

The Good Karma Fairy can do a fly by any time she wants as far as I'm concerned :)


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