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Changes a year on

I will do the negatives, just to get them out of the way.

My lovely Mum lost a leg, after life-threatening illness. I was thankfully granted a lot of time off to go visit, thank you lovely work xx, but this is a forever change. It's a real biggie, especially for an old lady. But she's done it AND come out the other side. Onwards n upwards. I am SO proud of her and Dad. They are both inspirational, and I love them to bits. I am adopted, but I couldn't possibly choose better. My 'rents are fucking awesome!!!

We lost Madge to a car. My pwwwwwwincess. My beautiful slinky gerlinky Bengal lady. Protector of all. Her Royal Fussiness. Qween of the fucking universe. Gone. Resting in the garden beneath the flowers.

Boo n me separated. For 3 or 4 months. It was a negative, but has turned into a super-positive. Eternally grateful.

Trump. Don't get me started.

Brexit, arghhh.

Friendships. Shani, who was downright abusive and really fucking rude. No need to ever be associating with that again. Margo, very recent. She prefers doing nothing in the company of gossips. A sadder loss, but she's retreated from life in general over the last couple of years, and I'm fed up of being the person nominated to try and get her to do anything. Somebody else's job now, if anybody cares to. Doubt it, she's ceased to be fun. However, she will always hold a place in my heart.



Vietnam, Morocco, Spain, France, Poland, Corfu and INDIAAAAA and some more than once. It's been an absolutely fabulous travel year, and I've enjoyed it SO much. the gang trips have passed their sell-by, but jaunts with mates are taking off. 2017 is mostly me n him, but I do have some very intresting and fun things to add, and I'm really, really looking forward to it all :)

Friendships - deals sealed with a few people I find myself very fond of.

Boo - we move forward. In our own way. I don't really feel the need to explain how or why.

Fatso. The cat we were never meant to have. He strolled in, overweight and assuming, and made us his. Him n Murphy ain't in love, but they are sat together in a bed. As I type, he's dangled off the sofa, snorrrrring very very loudly. He's a greedy git, but he's our greedy git. Nobody could replace Madge, he's an "alternative". And his mouth is like The Joker. Seriously.

Life - BRING IT ON!!!!



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