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I'm not afraid of death

Gas man eventually pitched up at 7.40 last night, long story, but to get to the point, no new flue. I need to sort that out later. All of the clothes, hats n handbags put back in the cupboard, the naughty toys put back where they should be, and I did some dusting. Sunday roast V2 (and V3 tonight!) and a bath. And for reasons known only to myself, watched late-night Scream 2. Cheesy, with some quite scary bits!, Lots of stabbings, lots. And then a really rather wonderful Miriam's Dead Good Adventure. Some food for though there, an excellent programme.
Getting annoyed now, still no gas man. Murphy is in high dudgeon about the cupboard being turned out all day and is crying. I wouldlike to have a bath and/or dinner, but can't until they've been and gone *sigh*

I did go to the gym during my lunch break, and I've managed to get a good 90% of my work done from home, which is great. I nipped in to Tesco, but decided to leave rotten corner to somebody else, as I have plenty of it already! I also nipped in to the 2 chazza shops. Rod remarked yesterday that Halloween had become too commercialised, and looking at the displays  in Tesco and even in charity shops, I concur. Tesco is full of plastic tat for the kids. The chazza shops are a bit more imaginative, and of course it's all second hand. I'm more of  a Samhain chicky and have long booked an outing with Santi on the 1st instead. Picked up a sparkly and new with tags top in Age Concern for £2.99, so left happy. Don't object to Halloween at all, but it's not like I've ever needed an excuse to dress up ;)

Also, whilst I am in semi-moan mode, the fireworks have started already. Which wouldn't be so bad, if they didn't keep letting them off under cars round here!

Oh, and my new desk chair has been cancelled cuz they don't have them in stock, so back to the drawing board!

Come on gas man!

So What Actually Happened

After I'd done my early morning blog yesterday, was me snuggled in the fur nest, watching movies, ALL day. No gym, didn't leave the house, and it was marvellous. Cats were smug little monsters. So was I really. The most laborious thing I did all day was have a bath.

American Sniper, realistic, fab and I cried at the end, Ten Things I Hate About You, saccarine and a reminder that I'm not a huge romcom fan,  and the EPIC Lawrence of Arabia. They would never get away with the blackface, or the racial stereotyping these days. They would get away with the historical inaccuracy, and, as far as I'm concerned Omar Sharif can get away with anything he likes!

Rod came over in the evening for a roast, more films, Alice in Wonderland, Burton's version, which is amazing, my favourite is the Cheshire Cat. And the modern version of Carrie, which I hadn't seen before, that was a good update on the old version. Made me wonder why The Omen hasn't been redone? I now have the contents of several army ratpacks, which I have placed where I can't see them readily, and am now trying to forget about, because I am planning to have a healthy week this week. Leftovers for dinner tonight.

Malfy Blood Orange Gin a winner, it is lovely! Worth the extra.

He left very early this morning and is now on the big metal bird to Montreal. I had planned to get up early but..........Nine is fine. Found a sweet note and what I think must be a £1 tip!

Today I'm working from home because there's a chap coming to replace my boiler flue due to totally unnecessary British Gas regulations later on! You may rest assured that taking everything out of that cupbaord does not count as enjoyment. But......possibly an opportunity to see what else can be Ebayed.  However, I really am going to try to get to gym, if the rain desists. And need to do things to the washing machine with a cotton bud. Hmmmm. 

Fingering The Car

I am up, and irritated that the sun isn't. I could be riding my bike now Pahhhhhh, winter.

Yesterday I did loadsa housey stuff, studied, aced the gym, food shopped, got more on Ebay, made strawberry and fig jam, and pistachio and hazelnut chocolate. Both absolutely yum. The choccie is very rich, ao I won't pig it! Then I made myself a fur nest in the lounge. It's unbelievably warm n snuggly and means I won't have to have the heaing on high. Result!

I had a weird, vivid dream. I was somewhere on holiday with my first LTR, Juan, watching a small potable telly. He came in, cross, so I asked what was wrong. He replied "you've been fingering the car". Astonished I asked if he mean fingering IN the car or fingering the car. He was angry and saidTHE CAR, and I started laughing. Then I woke up.

I'll get dressed and hit the gym and do a wee bike ride soonish. Come on sun, do your stuff!  

Betterave rouge

I spend most of yesterday scrutinising spreadsheets, having done the company budget for 2020. An enjoyment factor of zero, and it sent my eyes googley too.  Plus a passport dash to Australia House instead of a lunch break. So what I don't want to hear is that my date plans on being an hour and a half late, when I know I can be home in less time than that, so that's what I said. Barrage of abuse, swipe left. Sorted. I don't want to hear all that rubbish, thanks.

Plan B, well lots of sex wasn't planned, but happened. I was at work by 7.45 this morning, due to round 2 starting at 5.30, LMAO! We made a good inroad in to my rotten corner stuffed fridge, dinner was really nice actually, and I love seeing Rod plate licking, it's cute. Only had one bottle of wine between us and went to bed at 10.30.

Sheets need changing. Old Faithfull got nuthin' on me it seems.

My other hottie last night was Prof Brian Cox. Forces  of Nature rocks. The jet pack programme and the Rolls Roye engines were  really interesting too, a bit of a scientific evening.

And still feeling good.

Budget submitted. Just need convincing that I should go to gym later.     

What About YOU?

Papa de Ben was a no-show due to being arrested again. Had a brilliant Pho anyway................BUT

Am I doing enough? NO

I am a mere bystander when I should be doing something.
Should I idly stand by when somebody who's old enough to be my dad is getting out there and DOING SOMETHING? No.

I am not a cheerleader or a stander-by. I should be doing something.

My dort is 27, she may procreate, she has certainly made noises about it. There won't be the greatest of futures or of Planet Earth that I can boast about. Do I want to sit on my hands and say I watched it on the news? No. Not me at all.

Ben quite horrified I'm a Tory. Very amusing.

Time to find out how I can play a part.



Meeting Ben's Dad tonight. He's been arrested twice already, Extinction Rebellion! I asked to meet him, he sound absolutely brilliant. He made this and is currently parading somewhere in  central Lunnun with it. Good on him, it's never too late!


Currently Enjoying

Exercise and study, believe it or not! Getting stuck in to both with gusto. Last night a cycled through the wind and rain to the gym, and got stuck in. Sunday it really was too wet n windy to cycle, so I donned my new (to me) walking boots and a windcheater, pulled the hood up and stomped out in to the rain. Only 5 miles, but it blew the cobwebs away for sure! With the added benefit of quite a lot of M&S heavily discounted food to carry home - I'll eat well this week methinks.

Currrently eyeing the clothes in my office and thinking I should Ebay the lot. There's at least 30 things here, arghhhh.


I've been to many, but Sandie and Peter's yesterday was lovely for it's simplicity.

A ten minute service at Hendon Town Hall, followed by a sit down meal at one of their favourite pubs. The food was excellent, and I got a huge carrier bag of leftovers for my foxes too. And then dancing!

Sandie looked amazing in a cream beaded flapper style dress and shoes that she'd decorated herself. Peter in a splended three peice suit, and both showing off their considerable weight losses. They looked great. A truly lovely couple.

We were all gifted with a Lotto scratchcard (I won a quid!), free cocktail vouchers and meadow seeds for the garden. And hand written notes for everybody. In the toilets, a photo of them both saying they were watching us wherever we go (Rod nicked one for me).

Both families were welcoming and chatty, lovely people. I hope the aunt who unfortunately was ambulanced away, makes a full recovery.

I wore a gold sequinned number that I'd pre ok'd with Sandie, and a headpiece of gold roses and a unicorn horn. Rod wore a shiny gold suit I brought him. It was a bit touch n go if he'd make it, his plane from Puerto Rico was delayed, but I had everything waiting for him, including a bath, and he was ready just as Den and Erica arrived to pick us up, literally with no time to spare! The outfits went down a storm!

He's gone, I am debating what I want to do today. Ben is supposed to be coming over his afternoon, but I'm feeling idle. Lots to do, as always, but with little desire to even get dressed. The cats are crying, no idea why. I'm just feeling slooooooth.........

Things I Have Discovered This Week

Don't bother with London restaurant festival, you can get the same deals cheaper booking directly.

Don't bother with London cocktail week, you can get the discounted cocktails sans the £10 wristband.

Do bother with your friends, I've had a great night out, and we had our phones out - planning stuff!

I thought I had run the gammut of Indian food, having lived next door to Sri Guru Nanak, worked for wealthy Indians for yonks and eaten their home made food, and even been there. But tonight, I was surprised and delighted! A feast of tastes and textures.

It's foxxx's birthday in 2 days. I can feel her.