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May. 23rd, 2019

I've just lit my sage smudge stick for Domma's friend Karen. I don't know her, but it does no harm and I believe it helps. I wish her a swift passage x

After last night's shennanigans with the plump mousey, I come home to a feather strewn hallway and a dead bird under the rug. Murphy is an arse. A little shit. An indifferent killer.

Had a fab night out with Santi. A Greek on Camden's backstreets, away from the tourists and the fashionable peeps. We talked and laughed and quaffed. Again, he is 20 years my junior, so no romance or silly stuffs. Pure friends. I remain amazed that somebody so educated and informed values my opinion and input. But I am a cross between mamma hen and lioness extraordinare. It has made me have a good think about Chosen Family.

He's invited me to a festival he isn't working at but has comps. Ordinarily I would have checks and balances and quid pro quos. This time I just said yes. Yes if involves necking wine and not washing much. If somebody amazing just wants me to be me from Friday to Monday, I can do that! I can just be me, with no provisos.

A Tale of Two Paula's

I did my usual yesterday, said goodbye to Nix as quickly as possible, almost business-like and then went to my office for a little cry. I don't do goodbyes at all well, and it's not something I care to practice either.

In the evening, Rod and I biked up the canal towpath, for a simple pub meal. We say a swan couple with their six fluffy cygnets and got hissed at by several sets of very protective daddy geese and their offspring. More evening rides to come I hope. Came home and had strawberries and custard in front of the telly, before going to bed early. It was just what we needed. This morning I feel great. Woke up early wrapped around him, and the sun streaming in through the bedroom window. Fatso joined us, and we had a relaxing few minutes before heading off to our respective days. Him to meet his new boss in Brentford, and me to do 2 disciplinaries. One now not happening due to a resignation, the other I'm not looking forward to. But all part of life's rich tapestry.

Logo Roast

So yesterday was all about cooking up a very large roast for my favourite people. Nix n Tiff, Rod and Den n Erica. Slow roast lamb and chicken. And I tidied the pink room, polished the crystal glasses, and hacked away at the garden too, LOL!

The girls packed after they'd gotten back from their shopping expedition, Rod arrived in Army gear, but sadly had a shower and got changed - into my leopard jammies, and D&E arrived shortly after.

Post dinner and during cheese, Rod brought out his new board game, Logo, which was good fun!

I have to say, I loved looking after our guests. It made me feel very happy indeed. I like being the hostess.

The girls are coming to my work in a couple of hours, and then their off to Heathrow, and onwards to Hong Kong for a few days. I don't know when I'll see them again.

Soggy Tyres and Crochet Harry Potter

So the girls are out in search of newly released crochet Harry Potter thingies (Aldi, if you're interested). And some more seeing of sights on their penultimate day in the UK. I'm sad they are leaving, I have loved having them here. I had planned to get out early on my bike, and had prepped myself in sani shorts and made a flask of coffee up, but I appear to have saggy tyres, which is no good at all. Attempts to pump have failed. So some housework it is, before preparing a roast for my lovely guests early this evening. Slow roast lamb, delish!

Yesterday we hit Portobello Road, me with weird memories of the last time I was there with Rod! That was a novel experience. A massive learning curve for me. How times have changed! The markets are good,but as you'd probably expect, overpriced. However, visually fun to look at. We met Linnie in The Electric Diner for brunch beforehand, excellent food there, and it was rammed.

Last night Tiff cooked a Thai dish she'd learned at cookery school when we were all in Bangkok last year. That was yummy. And we watched Eurovision, which was............dull. You have to be in a gay bar to watch Eurovision methinks.

Pilates, Gay Elvis, Orgy

Yes, it was another dull Thursday.

Pilates class was excellent, I can feel the muscles worked even now. I'm a returner and I opted for the gentle class, I was concerned how my back would hold up, but it's been fine so far this term. Eleanor is a great teacher, and she pushes too, I'm so glad to be back in her class.

Met up with Scar after work. Supposedly for a delicious Vietnamese meal, no less than 5 stars on Trip Advisor, and a slew of fantastic pix. We arrived, it was a cubbyhole take-away, wahhhhhhhhhhh! Not fair. So with limited time and no knowledge of the area (I haven't worked that way for more than 20 years), we ended up having burgers and halloumi fries until Rod arrived.

The Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Bar is a little old fashioned gem! A short walk from Elephant and Castle, it's a restaurant with cabaret style and piano bar style add ons. There are so few of these lovely old venues left in London now. Worth a visit just to look at the pretty toilets and washbasins!

So, Gay Elvis, or Elberache as he calls himself - really good fun. Great Elvis outfit and he really gives the songs some welly, with chat and jokes in between. He says he's so bad he's good, we thought it was very entertaining. Rod, who manages to get involved with everything, was named as Priscilla Presley and of course ended up on stage and loving it, as was I. Knickers were handed out to chuck, and boogeying was actively encouraged.

And afterwards we went somewhere naughty.

Fuck'd Up

Got home gone 7.30 because somebody tried to top themselves on the railway line. An hour of standing on the platform at Seven Sisters, really dangerously overcrowded. And then another 40 minutes on a jam-packed and very late train,


It is now gone midnight. I've had no dinner, just wine and helping other people.

But still just looking forward to things to come. You can't change what's happened.


For no reason whatsoever, nobody pissed me off, nothing happened, I became grumpy late yesterday afternoon.

Gym I did not, instead I went home, and was pleased to find Rod had both done all the washing up, tidied and fixed the drawer. I had tried, but it just fell off again!

Poodled about, cut the hedge (yes, again) with shears, because I couldn't put my new cordless hedge trimmer together. Cooked myself a huge, steaming bowl of pasta with some cheesy flatbread. That did the trick. Caught up with Rebecca, she's coming back to the UK to live, she feels she doesn't fit in HK. Spent a lot of time chatting online to Santi, who's just be done over by people he's done a great deal for, he was naturally very upset. And pinged with a few friends, feeling relaxed.

And then I fell asleep during First Dates, with Fatso draped over one arm, and woke up on the sofa at 4am in a major meno flush, LMAO!

It's summer and I've barely seen the Murphster, which is normal. It also means a lot less HAWOOOOOOOO, which is great!

Domestic Bliss

Came home to a mountain of dishes to do, washing to be put in and tidying to be tidied, which was executed in lightning time, and then dove headfirst into a lovely hot bath. Rod arrived en velo, I am delighted to see him riding more again, and he chucked himself in after me.

Dinner was a heady concoction of Friday's leftover Chinese, various dishes, all stir fried together regardless, Some leftover BBQ chicken drumsticks and out of date burgers in buns. Magnums for dessert. And a mere 1 bottle of wine between us as I've decided we're on a sort-of diet. The best thing about doing dins for boo is he's easily pleased and doesn't much mind what he eats. To this end, I gave him 2 takeaway containers with OOD sausages n burgers for his lunch, as well as some of the out of date rolls to put them in! To my delight, he sent me pix of his lunch not long ago.

We watched a relocation programme and The Big Bang. I massaged his calves.

We were in bed before midnight.

None of this is remotely interesting really. But a lovely night.


Yesterday was all about sunshine, food and friends. Oooooh and gin! Spend literally the whole day in the garden. Out there for breakfast coffee with Nix in the morning. We all showered and dressed and got back out there by noon. What a glorious day.

Scar arrived first, and then Faith and Marina2. Faith as always brought amazing goodies and had us screaming with laughter, her voice carries quite a distance, and I do hope the neighbours have learned something about fisting, food poisoning and travel. Not to mention the price of houses in Enfield. I do hope she moves this way, it'd be amazing to have her and Chris local. Den turned up, minus Erica, who's Mum broke her hip guiding tourists around The Globe Theatre. But she's back in her own home just a week later, what a redoubtable lady! Kayleigh and her plus 2 came in the evening, so I did a second raft of food. They'd been doing Snowdon, so that was woofed down. Rod popped in for an hour or so, having been on shedding duties.

I loved being mama hen and did all the prep and cooking twice, and washed and cleared up once, refusing help, and just enjoying letting my lovely guests talk. A very raucous and naughty selection of conversations, I think the younger members were somewhat shocked and surprised, but hey! That's how you learn ;)

Feeling grand, despite 11 hours on the gin! I hope Nix is OK, she doesn't generally drink that much!

Happier Than a Pig in the Proverbial

Nix and Tiff are here!

Well, not here here, they're currently sightseeing in London, but they arrived home yesterday afternoon. I am currently doing their laundry.

Last night was a genuine simple pleasure. Red wine, a Chinese takeaway and friends. Rod came with a whole box of baked goods and some wine, but we'd already ordered.

I feel happy and blessed to have woken up this morning with my favourite people.