Sunday, All The B's

02.30 Borat
As I woke up at silly o'clock I decided to watch the new release on Amazon. Apart from a few giggles, pretty unfunny. That ship has sailed. Applied for 2 jobs as I watched it, so all's well.

08.00 Boy
Contacted early by a sub who wants to meet me to purchase knickers. So off I pedalled on Betti for a car park meet. Took half an hour all in, so pleased I decided to respond so early in the morning.

10.00 Biopsy
Zoomed to Kingsbury and back in my paid-for Uber for 3 brutal cervical biopsies. Very hurty. Did Ebay listings en route.

12.00 Boot Fair
Very crowded, too much new stuff, but came away with a big, heavy tribal necklace and sequinned floral chiffon top for a pound apiece.

13.00 Bargains
Train to Harlow to chazza shop. As I have 100+ items in stock, didn't go mad, just 5 things.

21.00 Bloody Tesco
2 hours late with delivery, so a very late dinner. Will complain and get a £10 voucher again.

It's 3am, I woke up again. I have a chicken carcass bubbling away on the hob, I'm watching Apostasy. Romford first thing in the morning, it's going to be sunny so I may dodge the gardening and have a day out.


I swanned through baggage drop, security and passport control at Stansted Airport, this is travel Covid-stylee. A fraction of the usual melee, and no queues, anywhere. Quite delightful.

My flight with Ryanair felt safe. Not full, everyone masked. It was on time and I arrived at Thessaloniki airport and was met by a lovely Greek taxi driver. It's a set rate 20 Euro fare and takes around 15 minutes. There is a bus, but not that late at night.

I was met by the very charming hotel owner, who carried my case up to room 6 on the second floor. Loved the room, which was almost an apartment. A large, comfortable bed, full-sized fridge, kettle, proper Greek coffee maker and even a sandwich toaster, plus cutlery and crockery. A generous walk-in shower in a modern bathroom, but best of all, a large balcony, overlooking the sea.

After ripping my mask off, I opened a bottle of wine and sat out on the balcony listening to the live music drifting up from the taverna on the corner. And slept very soundly.

Saturday morning I hit the beach at first light. Delightfully deserted, I saw only a handful of walkers all morning. Not having had breakfast, I went to a lovely beach restaurant, Tomas for lunch, It is literally on the beach. A large saganaki with a side salad, toasted bread with olive oil and herbs and lemonade came to just 5 Euros.

There is a Lidl within about 10 minutes walk, but I decided on the local supermarket, Masoutis, which is large, cheap and has everything you could need. I brought myself some fruit, wine and bread, cheese and ham for toasties.

The afternoon was spent wandering around the town, which is pretty but unassuming. A plethora of local shops, some great clothing and jewellery bargains to be had.

Dinner went wrong, albeit in a good way! I went for waffles, which I thought would be a standard couple of usual sized waffles with sauce. No. It was one enormous waffle, the size of a large pizza, with most of the contents of a jar of Nutella and bottle of chocolate sauce on top. So no dinner required!

The promenade is busy in the evenings, almost exclusively with Greek families of all ages. Walking, talking, visiting ice cream parlours and eating in the wonderful beach restaurants. It's easy to find great food and live music.

Sunday breakfast was at one of the local bakeries. This is an excellent and economical choice, a mug of fresh coffee and two crumbly golden pastries for 4 Euros, with a spot of people-watching thrown in.

A very happy, sunny weekend break.

Long Time No See

I've been incredibly busy!

Spending lots of time job searching and doing applications, which is tedious, but gotta be done of course. I had a good 1st interview on Thursday, let's see what comes out of that. It's selling care homes, which is different, but not totally out of the hospitality arena. Meanwhile, more friends and colleagues are getting axed every day, it's depressing, but I'm not letting it get to me.

I've been buying and selling, and that's gone well, and been fun, although it won't make me rich. Loving the bargain hunting and a bit of ducking n diving! Seeing and talking to naughty boys that need their errant ways correcting. Pilates and yoga, when I can get a booking, which is hard. Gym, gardening and attending to Fatso!

My varifocals are a disaster, they are making things worse. Going back on Tuesday, hoping for a much better result.

A wonderful surprise package from Nix, which balanced out the sadness of leaving my office for the last time. I walked down Southampton Row, pulling my large trolley bag behind me, crying. But it's done, the end of that chapter. The same night we won pub quiz for the 3rd consecutive week, the next night I had boo over, which was lovely. He made a wry comment about my self-esteem, which made me smile. He got chucked out for lying and cheating. He's still doing it, so he won't be moving back, and I am very much large and in charge as far as self-esteem goes. Love him to bits, and know him so well! The day after that flew to Thessaloniki, which is where I am now.

Chatting to a new guy who wants to meet next week, plus Captain Bob is back and wants to take me out. Greg and Ian have invited me over, so need to plan that with Ray as he'll be my plus one. Can't wait to see their new house, they've done so much to it, looks gorgeous.

I am sat on my balcony in just a t-shirt, it's still 21 degrees at 8PM and I'm about to go out for dinner. I may put knickers on for this. Or maybe not!

So, in spite of everything, feeling good, optimistic and making the most of things.

Have a great weekend lovely people xxxxx

Wednesday's Child Was Full of Win

I was contacted by a lady on Facebook Marketplace asking to come here and try on a vintage Japanese silk kimono I was selling. I thought that was a bit much, but as I was keen to sell, said yes. She came at 8am!

And left with not one, but 3 kimonos.........

It transpires she is a fetish model, and we had a good chinwag.

Half an hour later, she pings me and wants 2 more items I have listed, so she returns at 11.30 and we chat more. 5 items sold in a morning is not to be sniffed at.

Slave left me a tenner. He's still useless.

4Pm sees me visit a school in my capacity as a potential School Governor. I meet with the DCOG and Head Teacher and get on like a house on fire with both. And leave being introduced to staff as "the new Governor" after having g been told, "we are absolutely enchanted with you". I do feel I have a lot to offer and I'm fizzing with ideas. I've passed the first Governance exam, still have some study (lots) to do and will be at my first meeting in November.

High on this I head to The Vine and meet up with Kayleigh and Lydia for a scoffed dinner and our very first quiz nite at The Vine. Bernie turns up halfway through, and despite this, we win. BY A COUNTRY MILE! I was absolutely on fire, things I never knew I knew, I knew.

Home, and a lovely very late night visit from Rod, and we opened the delish bottle of Malbec Sandie and John sent me.


8am School Governor webinar.

Did Pilates and gym.

Did a big charity-for-sale shop, very successful.

Got 4 job rejections without even interviewing. Jobs I would be great at and would've aced 6 months ago. One had 394 applicants. One closed applications after getting 37 in an hour.

Took over 4 hours to apply for 3 Government jobs, because you can't upload a CV. You have to type in every detail, every qualification, every job you've had, et al, every time. A long slog.


Hit the gym at 9.

Brought me some yellow sticker flowers.

Had an eye test as I can no longer ride my bike properly. My very long sight is excellent, short sight a tad worse, medium sight bad. Paid £275 for 2 pairs of varifocals, one specifically for bike rides. It is what it is.

Did gym.

Listed some Ebays.

Sent 2 job applications.

Finished my current Open University course.

Decided to have a night off, Shiraz opened, awaiting a Chinese.

(no subject)

Upping my steps for the last couple of weeks has really paid off. This morning I was able to walk 12km and I feel fine, nothing has seized! As it's forecast to rain later, I may jump on the static bike and churn out a few miles whilst reading my new book.

Applied for 2 jobs. There was a third, but it closed applications in less than 24 hours, so lordy knows how many applicants these jobs are getting :(

(no subject)

It has been confirmed that the axe falls on Monday. Greg has messaged me to say how bad he feels about it. I may tell the directors to do it themselves.

3 jobs applied for.

Spent 5 hours getting to and from and at hospital today, so no gym. Instead I went shopping and treated myself, simply because I needed cheering up. £56 for a new leopardy hairdryer, trousers, jacket, hooded jumper, cosy jumper and 3 pairs of socks. My old hairdryer is now 12 years old and keeps cutting out, so it's high time.

Discovered another old friend gets the chop at the end of October. The decimation of our industry is simply heartbreaking.

Feel like doing something mad, so I may just do that!

11,500 steps today.

Two Very Different Days

Yesterday I was having blood tests for hormone levels at 9am in Romford. The nurse was atrocious and I have a huge, deep, and sore bruise in the crook of my right arm.

At noon I had the doomsday call saying 1-week redundancy consultation. There is an opportunity to fight it, but I don't think it'll do me any favours TBH. I'm gutted, but what can I do?

At 1pm I wasted my time going for a lash appointment. The woman wasn't there and isn't answering messages.

At 7pm I was dressing and making up a tranny. Which reminds me, there's still concealer marks on the sofa! Did a sesh, Rod was great, Diana left very happy. It hasn't got legs as a reg, but fun nonetheless. I think I looked good in my full-length evening gown and vintage jewel. Rod very dapper in pinstripe and played his part very well indeed.

At 9pm I was making a tasty Pad Thai, followed by a delicious dessert of Epoisses, vintage Cheddar and some piquant Gorgonzola. We finished off the pink champagne gift and opened a lovely red.

Today I hit the chazza shop and found a Monsoon silk skirt, which I've already listed. Then I hit the gym.

12.30 I met up with Kayleigh and we cycled up to Rye House. The track is now awful, it took an hour. We were both really bad and ordered the All Day Full English, which took 40 minutes to arrive, which was disappointing but tasted good. And then sat in the beer garden having a natter. Cycled home and sat in the garden chinwagging over cuppas. Made plans for a car based outing on Friday.

Tonight I started Ebaying and then stopped because I'm feeling lazy. I may resume later though!

(no subject)

Woke up at 10, which meant no breakfast cycle with the Hackney Wanker, as I can't make Chez to Hackney in 30 minutes. May catch up with him on Thursday.

Did a lazy lollop on Brunhilde instead, it was only an hour and a half, but it was gorgeous out! Went back to the spot where I went for my unexpected swim. Also done 11,000 steps/12km via the powers of housework and food shopping, but had a day off from the gym.

Had to book an eye appt, there is definitely something not tight. My depth of vision is absent and I sometimes get blurry/double vision.

Ebay stonking, 7 things sold this weekend. Still loads more to do, but I'm going great guns, 120 listed.

Weird dinner of pasta arrabbiata, roast chicken, and halloumi fries - rotten corner and leftovers :)

Getting properly dressed up tomorrow, first time in aaaages.

(no subject)

This morning, 2 hours cycling, Pilates class, 2 sets of gym reps, and 10,000 steps. Not bad for an old burd! Now it's time to get y hair trimmed and get myself ready :)

(no subject)

Pilates class, 26 mins road cycling, 15 mins stationary bike, 1 set gym, 10,000 steps. Meal cooked from scratch due to rotten corner wins. Ebays listed. I've been virtuous, cuz I'm going to be naughty tomorrow!