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Apr. 19th, 2014

Pub quiz in are last night with local friends. Getting a team up, I think we could get good at this. A respecatble 3rd place on our first attempt, with a team less than half the size of the others too, so we were quite pleased with that! The food was good too!

Managed the gym this morning, although we got up late after a very late night. He's ben working all day, and still is :(

And so, the cats went out for the first time. Madam went too far for her first time, and I'm genuinely surprised she deigned to go out at all! But I didn't feed them in the morning, and they kept coming back every 10-15 minutes to check what was going on the kitchen. And it all ended peacefully when they were called in due to it turning quite cold suddenly.

Did battle with Tesco's this afternoon. Get a grip people, it's Easter, not arma-fucking-geddon! These people drive me nuts with their idiotic shopping. No leg of lamb left in our giant Tesco Extra. Nabbed the last one in M&S but it's smaller than I wanted. But a good excuse to get some really scrummy Orkney crab and prawn cocktails, oooh they were good.

Off to the Mad Hatters Tea Party at Kensington Roof Gardens tomorrow night, dinner in Balans beforehand. Maybe Club Rub after, we'll see. Was kinda planning an East End assault on Sunday as we're staying there, but looking at the forecast rain, probably not now. Sunday afternoon we're invited to tea and cakes in the country. And Monday we have friends over for a slap-up lunch. Errrr, diet, what diet? Lotsa hard work this week to make up for this lovely, but very slack easter weekend.


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