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Worse! And Better!

Following the bike shennanigans, I decided to mow the lawns. All started well, but it stopped dead after a few minutes. No problem, continued with the little mower, even though it's harder. That too packed up before I'd finished!

Debbie pinged me, she dropped in for a cuppa and a natter between jobs shortly, which is good.

Rod called, and is going to fix the broken stuff, and feed the cats tomorrow whilst I'm out, which I'm extremely grateful for.

Now, I think I'll have a lovely bath, think about what to do about dinner, and load some stuff on Ebay.

Feeling much more human now :)


My bike ceased to proceed whilst collecting a parcel at the Post Office. This made me ridiculously upset, as I also need to collected my re-heeled boots, my taken up trousers, do food shopping and the gym. I had my Saturday planned out around using the bike as I can't walk far. Rod would usually fix the bike in seconds, but he's away this weekend, and I don't know anybody else.

However, staying positive. I'll mow the lawns in lieu of gym, the boots and trousers will just have to wait, I'll find something else to wear tomorrow. There's ample food in the house really, I just need milk. And I can always get a take-away if I want to.

For years I wanted to have somebody who'd look after me, take care of me and be my rock. I have to step up and take that role for myself. I can't afford a new bike this month as I had to buy a telly, but I'm tempted to treat myself to a little vintage repro number next month.

In hindsight I was just by Hancocks the bike shop, I should have wheeled it in there, but didn't think of it at the time, duhhhhhhhh.

Right, now I've had my little rant, I will crack on with things that need doing.

Keep moving forwards and don't let things get in my way.
Good things happened to me today.

The first email I read was "My home is always your home, you never need to ask. ♡" Nix.

The second was a mail from Spence.

The third was not so pleasant, but after a short exchange, sorted.

My journey in to work was trouble free (it has been a bit fraught this week!).

My boss, the owner, took me out for a lovely lunch, which made amends for yesterday's dramas.

An old colleague popped in, good to see him.

My clients have been ace, very complimentary and commenting on the speed of my work. I also cruised through some major negotiations.

I had dinner with a gentleman, who spent a not inconsiderable time driving to fetch me, and then turned around to take us straight back out again. Was good company through the meal, which also was a lovely fish dinner in a place I've never visited before.

Sunday is planned out, and will be ace. Parents, great friends, markets and vintage fairs. Saturday will be mostly the neglected chores, but hey ho!

I am finally starting to plan out Oz. It's going to be very different this time. But I will make the most of it, as it's potentially the last trip for a long time.

Zanzibar/Tanzania, hmmmmm!

Dublin with the girls this time next week.

I'm not settled, or happy, but I honestly can't complain.


No, not you Emma!

One is currently seething, due to being heavily compromised. It's not a personal matter. I am locked in my office with both of my phones off the hook, waiting for the storm to pass. As it shall.

In all my walks of life, I always deal with people honestly and with integrity, and I expect the same.

Moving swiftly on............

I was so grown up last night!

Tragically, a person was killed by the train in front of mine on my commute home. Our train came to an emergency stop, the driver announced what had happened. Ten minutes later, we inched into Ponders End, where we were all chucked off and advised that there would be no further trains for the foreseeable future. I leapt, as much as one can with a sprained ankle, on to the platform, and dropped (and damaged further) my phone in agony. But persisted as I knew it would be a mere minute before the Uber surge rates started. Called my Uber, at the normal rate, and waited ten mins, whilst watching frustrated fellow passengers do the same. Mine arrived first, and I decided to give a lift to two young 'uns who were heading for Broxbourne. They tried to press a fiver on me, but I told then, next time it happens, as it will, pay the kindness on by offering a stranger a lift.

Got home, and Debs pitched up, with her Espresso Martini making kit, she did that, whilst I did a simple 2 course meal of pate and olive bread to start, and a stir fry, HOT N SPICY, mostly made from leftovers and rotten corner offerings. Both tasty. Then we had the wine she'd brought, then my Claret, then it got messy! Key words here are toilet roll rage and growler. However, we both got to bed at a semi-sensible time.

I have to say, I enjoy having friends over for meals and conversations. It's all part of the reclaiming of the house process, although I was annoyed to find that Rod has put yet another picture, which I don't like, on the wall. I have told him before and, IT MUST STOP. He's got his own house, and he is free to put as much crap as he wishes in it. But my home is getting emptied. I want it to be like it was in the beginning, only better. and it shall be so.

Volunteers, One Step Forward!

I watched Mr Oliver making this on the teevee last week, and thought they looked delish. And easy! And so have decided to have a stab, despite the paucity of my cooking skills.

Anybody who fancies supper on Saturday evening, and we are talking easy food' lazy chats, and I think, with this dish, probably Prosecco, ping me!


Scents and Sensibility

As a smoker, my sense of smell is allegedly impaired. Sez the rules.

Two things have irked me this weekend. Firstly scented male deodorant. It's yuk, and it makes me feel really sick. It crawls down my throat and chokes me. I loathe it. Give me the smell of a man over pine scented bog cleaner any time. I have no idea what kicked this off, but I've been like this for years. I HATE the smell of any male grooming product, with the exception of Jo Malone, that's pretty good! Although jolly expensive.

I especially hate going into crowded, closed spaces, where you gag on male perfumes, I HATE IT!!! The tube or the train, where everybody has sprayed themselves with some shit, arghhhhhhhhh.

The second was picking up fox poo from the lawn. OMG, I know they eat anything, but REALLY!! Disgusting. Far worse than cat shit! Vile and a half.

My win was a smell that still lingers. A tingler.

As far as perfumes go, I accept I am a weirdo. At one end, the heavy Gucci Rush, which I've adored since it came out. My signature evening perfume. My expensive, but lovely treat, Miss Dior, which again, I've used for years. In the middle, we have Dolce Vita, which smells like sweeties and sherbert, I love it. And Armani She, which smells like baby powder. All that aside, I love anything vanilla or coconut, mmmmmmmmmm. I also have a soft spot for Victoria's Secret cheapies, they don't last, but they smell delicious. Drink me.

I know exactly the smell of things I love. Exactly.

Flowers can be joyful, or cloying. I adore lavender. Roses smell of dead people. Geraniums have a soft, heady scent, lilies are overpowering. Honeysuckle is adorable. The crocus smells of spring, a mowed lawn smell divine!

But there is always that one scent that makes me insensible.

Kiss My Arse

So on Friday after gym, Marie and I headed to The Woodman and Olive, a gorgeous little country bar/restaurant, in the woods, down country lanes. This might have been lovely on a sunny evening, but it was damn dark, wet n chilly! However, the delicious and very generously portioned food more than made up for it.

Saturday daytime was a bit of a lazy one, mainly due to hobbling around on an unimproved ankle. I will have a surfeit of chores next weekend :(

Spence came over on Saturday evening, sofa picnic, Prosecco and a couple of movies. Very chilled. On Sunday morning, he set up my new TV, which I'm very pleased with. In fact, I was very pleased with a couple of things. He has talents, it has to be said. However, I'm still unsure, we shall see. Enjoying the moment.

I spent Sunday daytime also not doing the chores I'd planned, and had a nana nap instead.

Sunday evening, off to London with Paul, Sara and Rod to see House of Burlesque at Wonderground. What a fabulous show it was, we all raved about it. Paula and Sara were most excellent company too. I really like Wonderland, good place to meet for a drink, a bite and a good show. I also want a ride on the penis swing thingy!

Tonight I'm out for dinner with my ickle Dawnie in The City

To be honest, I pretty much have it all at the moment, one way or another. Apart from my ankle, which is shite! But I am feeling like the cat that got the cream. The double cream, the clotted cream and the creme fraiche. Would it be greedy to go for the whipping cream as well?

No, I didn't think it would be either.

I do need to watch what I eat this week, I want to keep lost weight off. However, if fun opportunities keep arising....


So, sprained left ankle to go with the torn ligament on my right! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh. I am wobbling about in pain, but I can manage. Not that I have managed a lot today really, the house is a bit tidier, but the garden was too wet to tackle. It is, naturally, killing my back too.

Waiting for Spence, third date. I like him. But I'm very scared of getting "involved". I don't think I'm ready yet. I've told him, and he just carries on being kind and thoughtful. It's good.
Originally posted by maitressep at I LOVE my life because....
  • Boo dropped me off this morning, wearing just a granny coat and boots. Him, not me. He's one of the most sexual people I've ever met, and I love his cock! Yes I do! I also love that he's bizarre.

  • I am wearing a 60s style dress, which perfectly sets off the lovely Edina Ronay courts he got me!

  • Last night I went out with possibly the most brilliantest bunch of friends anyone could ask for. They're a moveable feast, but all magnificent *blows kisses*

  • When I got home last night, I was totally unashamed at sticking a ruler up my poonani, just to check, and what's more, I know the others did too. We're all priceless!!

  • Tonight I've been treated to a new hairdo and makeover - and then dinner somewhere swanky. Yummmmmm! But I'M WORTH IT!

  • I don't have a hangover - yipeee!


So, I love my life and mah bebe!!


Father Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

But not too much!

Scores on the doors since my last weigh in are:

Weight down 0.9 kilos.

Muscle mass up 0.7 kilos

Fat down 1.6 kilos

So it's slowly all heading in the right direction. However, a full on weekend coming up. Aiiiiiiii.

I shall very shortly be heading to bed, I shan't sit up all night drinking wine.

Been out with Marie tonight, post-gym, for a slap up Greek meal. Then I had report writing and some worky stuff to catch up on. I am very weary. My muscles all ache, I have tried hard at the gym this week. But this weekend, no work, no gym. I have several chores to run around doing tomorrow, no doubt impeded by my sprained ankle, but I'll get them done. Probably!

Life in general, appears to be heading in the right direction.