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Feb. 24th, 2017

Day 3 at home, and yes, I'm boooored. I feel out of it.

It takes me quite a while and a lot of physical effort to get out of bed, by which time I'm in huge amounts of pain, and then, after dose 1 of painkillers, which doesn't seem to do much,I shuffle about, knees bent, leaning forward, balancing,shuffling around. Sitting down hurts a lot, bending is simply not possible. But by 12-1, after the second lot of pills kick in, and I'm more mobile and in less pain. But a couple of hours later, I'm literally nodding off, they make me so sleepy. But they do the trick, so I persevere.

Boo came back very late on Wednesday, and although we are both working daytime, I've been very grateful and appreciative of is company. He made us a lovely meal this evening,but he's away with the Army this weekend. My weekend is pretty much nixxed, which is a shame, as I had lots planned.

I don't want this to drag on, so I am doing as little as poss and taking it easy. But I can't read, cuz I can't sit for more than 20 minutes without pain, ditto watching a box set or even Ebaying. So, I just do what I can when I can, and nap!

Meanwhile, I can hear the bloody weeds growing, grrrr!

Spoke Too Soon

I have managed to do something to my back. By sitting on the bed. Yes, just the act of sitting down, perfectly normally. I am keeping my fingers very crossed it's just a torn muscle, not a slipped disc. I've been signed of for a week and I'm now on prescription painkillers. If it's no better in a week, I've to go back and they'll scan it. Meanwhile, the actual reason I'd booked an appointment for today, my right knee, is to be x-rayed as soon as I can make it to the hospital, to see if it is arthritic or not.

I'm in tons of pain, and I am seriously hacked of!!!
So anyway, firstly LJ has decided I'm Russian again. So Здравствуйте

Next, we have Trumpetty Trump, unquietly ploughing his way through human rights, at pace! Trans people ceased to have rights today. Last couple of days, he's pretty much dissed all the Jews, the media en-masse, and launched another mahoosive immigration crackdown. Largely from golf courses it would seem. And then we've had North Korea bumping people off and launching the odd nuclear missile. And more Brexit woe. Millions dying of starvation in Africa. A huge increase in anti-semitic attacks. UK business rates going up almost double. I could go on but it's depressing. Really depressing.

And I feel almost guilty that my life is going great. I feel loved, empowered and pretty much able to do anything I put my mind to.

Saving grace this week, is Frankie. Frankie I met through frequenting very naughty gay clubs. He's a leather Daddy/Bear, and absolutely adorable, as is his husband, Gary. I am not going to say too much here, other than to say his husband feels he's taken exception to me, as he doesn't usually take to females so well. But I love chatting to him and we have fun. So cutting to the chase now, he posts via FB that he's at London Fashion Week. And for some reason, I bloody KNEW he was walking for somebody! He's not a model, he's shorter than me, too old, and too plump etc for modelling - albeit utterly lovely in my eyes. And no, this designer didn't decide to do "alternative". Just Frankie. So here's my fave Leather Daddy in all his catwalk glory :)

I am dreading my weekly weigh-in tomorrow. With great gusto, myself and lovely Dawnie managed to scoff 3 courses and 3 bottles of wine and 2 Espresso Martinis. Ooops! However, technically it was work, as I was getting paid, so it just means I am very involved in what I do *coff*. And we had a blast with lots of chatter and planning. But 2 dinners out this week, with wine, is a bit naughty, plus the 2 at the weekend..... My bad!

I've been having some rather interesting and conversations with girlfriends this week, some eye-openers to be sure.

Work is absolutely splendid, made the target with a week in hand, stonking! I did suggest that I should need to come back 'til March, that fell on deaf ears. But the first 6 weeks of the year, we've stormed through everything. Phenomenal!

I went out to buy some treats for dins at lunchtime, and blow me, Waitrose had tables and chairs outside! And at least 50 people were sitting, eating outside in the massive 12 degree heatwave. Has spring sprung? I do hope so, I want to get stuck into the garden.

I'm sat at home, ignoring the cats handbagging each other, with a hangover, awaiting my lover's return from Verona. Another hour or two at a guess. Shan't be going out tonight though :)

Quick look at the BBC to see what astoundingly stooopid thing Trump has done now!

Feb. 14th, 2017

Boo is in Verona and Parma this week, lucky bugger! However, he did leave me a rather lovely note inside my Valentine's card, and gave my a vintage perfume bottle, with a puffer on it, and he's bringing back some perfume from Italy. I feel slightly guilty for only getting him a card!

Dins and a gossipy catch up with Debs last night. She's loved up to the point of daftness, and it's sooooo sweet :)

More dins and gossip with Dawnie on Thursday, but in the light of losing another 1.9 kilos this week, I'm staying off the carbs. I'm quite pleased with how I've done. Not easy, especially with no exercise. Which brings me on to my knee. I've been doing as little as possible, but it still hurts like billy-o. I have a doc's appt next week to discuss the options. I think a steroid injection might help, we'll see.

Meanwhile, jolly appreciative of friends who've taken the time to see me whilst I'm home alone, and the little messenger natters, it's all good :)

I went to Poznan in Poland at the weekend. The trip was a tad curtailled by by inability to walk too far, and by golly gosh, it was frrrrrreeeeeeeezing! But it's a lovely town, and dirt cheap! I'm not booking any more weekend until my walking is better, when you're only somewhere for 2 days, you gotta max out your time there.

Arranging something for my birthday, because Lin n Dawnie are bullying me! Not an extravaganza this year, just cocktails and dinner, but it should be fun, I hope people want to come.

I've just stuck some more stuff on Ebay, and now I need to investigate a churning noise!

Busy Being Epic

After 3 hours of commuting and 8 hours at work, I've

Ordered a new Tesco Clubcard

Booked a Chiropody appointment

Purchased new MBT's

Purchased Champix for October

Check in Poland Flight.

RSVP for gallery opening

Photograph load and list 11 new Ebays

Send bouquet for Mum's birthday

Purchased new phone

Feb. 4th, 2017

Well, it's been an interrrrrresting week!

Won the court case. By mesself. Quite chuffed with that, especially as I've been feeling soooooo dire this week. They've got 21 days to pay up or appeal. I've said the dosh will go towards our Etape trip to Les Hautes Alpes in July. Do 6 nights instead of 3 and see a bit more. Time for Rod to relax between riding and driving, which is important.

And speaking of hols am semi decided to eschew Corfu and the annual gerl's jolly in favour of a 3 week trip to Oz over Christmas. Pending it getting signed off at work. Lots of good reasons to do this.

Had a long ole chat with Rod's ma this morning. his uncle and aunt will be coming to visit for a week in May, which means this house really will have to be cleared. A HUGE task, it's in such an awful state. This doesn't mean Ebaying odds n sods, this means a lot of stuff needs to go, mine included. And there's an enormous amount of cleaning now imminent. I'm sure we'll manage it if we pull together, but Rod really needs to get his head around letting things go. It is such a major bone of contention and always causes rows unfortunately. I live in hope, always the optimist! Had enough of living like this anyway, it's just horrible.

Tuesday night boo went out on a works do, v posh one at that. Came back pissed and said a few extremely lovely things, which has made me somewhat rethink how I feel. He also told me something norty, which when I repeated to him, he thought he was having internal dialogue, LMAO! But fabulous food for thought. I really think we have turned a very important corner :)

My *coff coff* friends couldn't make a walk and a vintage fair today. They were all very busy. Apart from they weren't and did something else instead. Now, as the old saying goes, you can't change they way people behave, you can only change they way you behave towards them. Had a nice dinner out with Dawnie last night, first time out this week too. And tomorrow I've afternoon tea at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. After that, I won't be going out of my way to arrange or participate. Nothing against any of them, just thought it was a bit mean, or possibly thoughtless. So, time to make time for people who make time for me.

Laptop has gone back as it's just gone black, and the new PC is going back on Friday, it's unbelievably slooooooow. What a shower of shite new technology is!

Diet started in earnest this week, 1.8 kilos lost. Wasn't hard as I've been ill for most of it.

Bloody busy work week ahead, and boo's away!

Fractured Lives

So, feeling moderately better, but far from 100%. Yak.

This week I've decided to do nowt midweek, concentrate on work n food intake, walking where and when I can. However, a busy and fun weekend planned, yipeee. Hoping it won't undo all the good food work.

Boo has been landed with the best part of 4 weeks away with work, all over the place over the next 2 months. Plus 4 TA weekends away plus a 10 day Army skiing holiday. Which means we won't be seeing a great deal of each other in Feb or March, but he did run everything by me and it all has my blessing. I am going to undertake to communicate and converse as much as possible whilst he's away. Keep the home fires burning so to speak. I hope he's thinking ditto. He has asked my to go down to Worthing with him next week, but with Southern trains being so bloody dire, I don't know if I dare. Maybe :)

I have a surprise visit to court tomorrow. Surprise in that I didn't find out til Friday! I have had no time to get advice, I haven't had the papers, so I'll just have to channel my inner Judge Judy and crack on with it.

Woe, Woe and Thrice Woe.

I've spent most of today in bed. Ill. Some flu-type things. Plenty of coughing, sneezing, congestion, aching all over and freezing cold. Yesterday wasn't much better. Yuk yuk yuk. Taking plenty of stuff for it, feeling almost zombiesque from remedies. Now having my first food of the day, a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle at 5pm. Not that it'll do me much good, but at least I can taste it!

Yesterday I yook make the multiple items I psycho-ordered from Next. And we went to Kent to visit the rents. Mum looking and seeming much much better, very chuffed about that. Brother was there, he decided not to look at anybody and be completely monosyllabic. Pretty rude, but his choice.

And then after a strange meal in town, punctuated by a very drunk shouty man phoning his Mum and somebody else, met up with Kate in The grapes. TBH we didn't stay long as both of us feeling rough, but absolutely splendid to see her, and she was on smashing form for her birthday! Delighted to hear she's got the Town Hall wedding contract and that her antique stall is making her money. Kate is a grafter, full of life, stuffed with verve and deserves all the good things. Hurrah!

The rest of the world seems to be up in arms about Trump. I am too, the whole situation there is rather nasty. However, whist we continue to support, and say nothing about much, much worse going on in countries we support and trade with. The whole march of the Far Right is a very frightening prospect. I don't feel there's a lot of good in the World right now.

I've slept soooooo much over the last couple of days, and yet disappointingly feel NO better for it. On the plus side, at least I haven't pigged out :)

Another Pretty Good Week!

Sunday with Debs was fun, excellent food and spot-on service at Le Meridien. Great value. And then across the road to Waterstones for books. Ostensibly for her studies but I ended buying an signed copy of Tim Moore's latest cycling adventure for Rod :)

What I haven't done is gym. I am minded to MTFU, stop whinging about the cold and go after work this evening. We shall see.....

He n me went to see Hacksaw Ridge - another Time Out freebie midweek. Both ended up blubbing. What a wonderful, wonderful story. Not a lot otherwise, although out for dinner for the Burns Haggis and Neeps (YUK!!) last night. And we daftly sat up on Wednesday night doing Rum n Coke, and I certainly felt it the next morning!

This weekend, the rents and Kate's party in Kent. Need to quickly think of a birthday pressie for both, arghhhhh!